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Why Join SEO?


SEO - SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is a procedure by which the webpage or website is constructed or designed to enhance its appearance and visibility on SERPs (search engine result page). SEO is not a programming language or any software as is believed by some people.

SEO makes a website compatible with both users and searches engine robots to understand. A robot also called as Crawler or BOT or Spider is a set of program that browses World Wide Web in a methodical and orderly fashion as well automatically scan the web-page and website for updated content and download a copy to its data center to index, ban or ignore it. Thus, it becomes evident that the website with proper SEO attracts crawlers. Search engines though have evolved technically for betterment; it is obvious that it still lags human insights. SEO helps search engines interpret what each page is about, and how it will be useful for users. SEO today forms a significant cog in online marketing.

It is a waste of time and money if the website is not reaching the target audience. Hence, SEO is crucial for a website in order to create awareness of the website and get returns of your investments. Effective SEO attracts millions of target audiences to your business website.

Nowadays you often hear Google it; for any information or knowledge. To be on the top of the SERPs it is essential and if you have done effective SEO then you would be on the top of the SERPs and thus it establishes the credentials of the website. This again reiterates that SEO plays an invaluable role in enhancing the visibility of the website on search engine.

SEO leads to an increase in sales of business websites and this sales growth is inversely proportional to the marketing costs, thereby increasing profit

Website becomes a nodal point for any contact online as it reaches millions of audience on one click. It is 24 hours open office, where your target audience can visit, leading to potential inquiries and orders. However to get the target audience, proper SEO is must, it is similar to a suitable medium of advertisement or awareness campaign required for any offline promotion.

Another wonderful feature of SEO is that every single aspect of SEO can be evaluated meticulously and we can track performance vis-a-vis money invested in SEO.

Thus it is always beneficial to do SEO of a website in order to get visitors on the website.

SEO is one of the most booming careers in India right now, and I would highly recommend young HSC Pass and freshly graduated to jump in the hi-tech field. Lots of companies have started hiring SEO professionals to make there website ranking in search engine. As per today's market SEO Specialist are getting higher salaries as compared to web developers or web designers. Since the internet market is going to get bigger in the coming years. Therefore, more and more businesses have started hiring SEO professionals which opening new doors for the job hunt.

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