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Indian Stock Market

The courses of BSE/NSE designed by our institute will help you get an in depth information of BSE & NSE and will enable you to trade without any inhibition, with more assurance and confidence.

Indian Stock Market Training Institute

Bombay Stock Exchange/Bombay Share Bazaar (What is Stock Market?)

BSE Ltd. erstwhile known as Bombay Stock Exchange is Asia's first stock exchange and also one of India's top exchange groups.There are 5000 companies listed on BSE Ltd. and this huge list of members in BSE has made it the world's no. 1 in terms of listed members.If the total market capitalization of list of companies in BSE is calculated, then it sums up to a mind boggling figure of USD 1.32 Trillion, as of January 2013. BSE is one of the world's leading exchanges for Index options trading. World Federation of exchanges has ranked BSE third for Index options trading. India's most preferred and extensively tracked stock market benchmark index S& P BSE SENSEX is BSE's popular equity index.Internationally BSE trades on EUREX as well as other major countries from BRICS, i.e. Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa, India is fifth country in BRICS.

Indian National Stock Exchange (NSE India)

India's leading stock exchange NSE is covering different cities and towns throughout the country. The main purpose of setting up NSE was to make available an absolute contemporary, fully automated screen based trading system all over India. This new setup of National Stock Exchange has resulted in removing ambiguity, increasing the speed of trading without losing any of the competence. The efficiency was not sacrificed for security and market integrity. The facilities provided, due to this NSE setup are epitome for the securities industry with respect to systems, practices and procedures.

Benefits of NSE & BSE

  • 1. The speedy availability of finance without any hassles to raise additional capital in the capital markets is one of major advantage of listing in BSE/NSE.
  • 2. This setup of NSE has resulted in huge volumes of trading in National Stock Exchange, thereby the impact cost is lower on the NSE and eventually the cost of trading is less to the investor.
  • 3. Due to automated trading system of NSE, there is consistency and transparency in the trade matching, which has increased investor's trust and visibility of our market.
  • 4. BSE-NSE has become the largest exchange in India because of huge trading volumes.
  • 5. The speed of processing orders by the BSE-NSE has resulted in liquidity and best available prices.

Our courses on BSE/NSE are designed to help you get acquainted with finer points of trading, so that you can develop your required capabilities and understand the trends and have a portfolio that you desire.

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